October 2017


Europe is known for its great coffee and Riga is no exception. Whether it’s a cup of delicious coffee, tea, local pastry or cakes, we’ve got you covered. I guess that is all you need for a chilly autumn day.

#1 MiiT coffee – good vegetarian cafe for fixed gear culture enthusiasts.

Situated near Esplanade Park, MiiT cafe offers a specialty coffee from some of the well – known local and European roasters such as Five Elephant from Berlin and Kopii and DaMatteo from Sweden. This place has a quirky interior that biking and fixed gear culture enthusiasts will appreciate. The walls exhibit historic images of track racing and you will also see a framed picture of Eddie Merckx proudly displayed on one of the shelves.

 Seven great ways to save money for a trip

Want to travel but think you don’t have the required funds? Think again. With a little planning and a lot of savvy, you can save for that week in the sun or even the trip of a lifetime in no time at all. Sure, you’ll have to make sacrifices; you might have to sell a few possessions or even take on some extra work. Trust me, though, it’ll all be worth it in the end. 🙂

Here are seven saving tips to help you save for that trip!