October 2019


Growing urbanization has led to a busy indoor lifestyle with information overload, deadlines and all day long screen viewing which all give us overactive minds that can never be really calm. Many of us feel stressed, we feel anxious and we are looking for relief – yoga, calming apps or life coaches. But there is one stress reliever that is a low-cost solution or even free of charge. It’s nature. Lately, people seem to have started to understand that being in contact with nature actually helps. It is a natural stress reliever that reduces anxiety and helps us feel better emotionally. There are dozens of scientific studies that prove that nature nurtures – it reduces stress, blood pressure, heart rate and makes us feel happy and energized. 

Nature in Latvia could – your stress reliever?

Being one of the greenest countries in the world, Latvia makes an ideal place to enjoy the presence of nature. Half of Latvia is covered in forests in which Latvians are still picking berries, mushrooms and nuts, there is a never-ending beach that stretches over 500 km and offers mostly white sand coast. Over two thousand lakes and 12 thousand rivers to try your kayak in or go fishing. If you are taking an early commute by car from one town to another, it is not rare to see foxes, roe deer and even elk looking for food in fields and meadows not far from highways. In the evenings, you can hear a frog choir, crickets and even owls closer to a forest in the countryside. These are just a few things to name that I love about nature in Latvia. If you would ask me which are my favourite nature trails in Latvia, where I would take my friends to for a stress-free weekend, I’d say these below. Let’s explore together?