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99 Facts you didn’t know about Latvia: The Special 99th Independence Day 3-Part series. Part 1.

99 years ago, the Independence of Latvia was proclaimed on the 18th of November at the Latvian National Theatre. Today, it is still an important date for every Latvian. It’s a public holiday and there are various events taking place across the country throughout the day. In Riga, the celebration begins on the first half of the day with a parade and laying of flowers at the Freedom Monument. In the evening, the celebration continues with concerts and other events and it ends with amazing fireworks over the Daugava River. Public transport is free of charge in Riga on the 18th of November.

A week before, a parade of the National Armed Forces takes place in the afternoon at the 11th November Embankment. To celebrate Latvia’s 99 birthday, What To See In Latvia is excited to present 99 facts about Latvia divided into three parts for every November weekend until the 18th of November.

Here are the first 30: