I always like to say that Latvia is more than just Riga. There is plenty to see outside the city, especially if you have more than a weekend. Beautiful evergreen forests, white sand beaches, lots of lakes in which to take a refreshing dip, and lovely red-roofed towns wound through with cobblestone streets, to begin with. But if you have just forty-eight hours for Latvia, Riga is a wonderful place to explore. This weekend guide will get you going. 

Imagine you arrive at your weekend trip destination and suddenly the heavens open and it starts to rain. It can really kill the mood. So, what to do in Riga when it rains? Let me put you at ease by telling you that it rarely rains all day long Riga, so don’t just sit around your hotel room watching Netflix waiting for it to stop. There is plenty to do in Riga when it rains, so get out there and enjoy all the good, dry fun the city has to offer.